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Terms and Conditions

Rules for article writing

Be sure to read the instructions provided on the website carefully and understand expectations. Before submitting your request for appraisal, go through the website to make sure no one has recently covered the topic you’ve chosen to write on. Your article(s) must be original.  Each article must be written in your own words.  The article(s) is subject to copyscape standard evaluation. Copying and pasting from other sources is an offence punishable by law.  How it works.

1.Select Category/Sub Category of article(s) that best suit your writing knowledge, skills and expertise.  You can request up to two articles at a time.  Write a short description of the article(s) to send along with your request submission.

2.Submit your request for approval to write the article under the proper prescribed category.  You need to double check with before writing on Special suitable category of choice.  Once the article is approved, ALL the rights of approved article(s) belong to  You can’t resale the same article to someone or to another publication again.  In submitting your request to write for, you agree to the terms and conditions of the website.

3.Strive for 400 word length articles.  Not more. Not less. Any articles above or below this required word count will be declined.  You’ve the go ahead to write and submit article(s) on the subject of your choice and preference following approval of your request.

Recipes is on the look for original home tried, tested and trusted recipes.   Browse the website to make sure a similar recipe has not been submitted. You’ve an idea for a new home made recipe that works?  We want to read about it. Submit only recipes written in your own words accompanied by line photo of the recipe.  
Your submission of the registration form confirms you’ve read, understand and agree to the legally binding Terms and Conditions on this website.
You’re constrained to abide by the terms and conditions of set on the website for submission of recipes.  You’re at liberty to decline the use of this website should you disagree with the rules and regulations for writing and submitting articles to   
You must be 18+ to have access and use this site.

Terms of Agreement

This Agreement contains the entire agreement of the two parties. On the one hand, YOU herein referred to as the writer.  On the other hand, ( herein referred to as the company.  
The Quality Assurance Department reserves a right to impose fines on infringement of the terms and conditions in this agreement.  Fines will depend on the particular reasons, circumstances.  The amounts shall be recovered from the writer.

1. Plagiarism - 100% fine
2. Failure to follow the prescribed article writing instructions

Confidentiality values your confidentiality as a writer.  All information the information you submit to us will not be sold or shared with any other third party. For more information buzz over to Privacy Policy section on the website.


All products and additional material submitted to by the writer including but not limited to articles, sample essays become sole property of  The writer acknowledges giving up the right to publish, sell, share any products one it’s uploaded to this website.  
Violation of any cause in this agreement will result in immediate termination of your account with